Corporate Ventures - Intrapreneurial ventures

Starting a new business from scratch is hard.  A lot of different skill sets come together, without needing specialised people full time.  Most of the time the venture is better off with a small group or even 1 person with a broad spectrum of experience and best practices who can give a good advice what should be the next step.  Speed often wins from the best solution.  Sometimes the best solution is not possible, because the resources available don't allow the best solution.  Starting from scratch does allow to overwin these limitations by making them a strenght instead of a burden by being lean and fast. 

Some of the organisations B.E.E.P. is working with have gathered a nice bunch of professionals with decades of experience.

Think With People




Most of these organisation offer more than just expertise.  Also training, co-workspaces, incubation-programs.

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